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Mindfulness in everyday life

A man was once asked why he could always be so happy despite his many pursuits. He said: When I stand, I stand, when I go, I go, when I sit, then I sit, when I eat, then I eat, when I love, then I love. Then the questioners cut him off and said: We do that too! What else are you doing? He again said: When I stand, I stand, when I go, I go ... Again, people shouted: But we do that too! However, he said to them: No – if you are sitting, you are already standing, if you are standing, you are already running, if you are running, you are already there.

Go through life carefully – in everyday life, in every situation, at every moment.

It is actually very simple, and a great asset for life – but it is a problem for us.

What exactly does mindfulness mean? An ability to be fully there in the present moment. To not lose yourself in the future or the past, but to perceive what is happening now. Both what is happening around us, but also what is happening inside us. This ability allows us to reflect on the situation for a moment and then act consciously instead of reacting carelessly or simply ignoring important things. A mindful person perceives the subtle gestures of other people, smells and scents, moods and colours more intensely, and thus has a more positive perception. Of course, the negative things may also be noticed more, because these are part of life.

Practising mindfulness in everyday life is possible everywhere – whether eating, showering, walking, cooking, working, engaging in leisure activities ... Without evaluating, but simply perceiving what exists right now. Because what is in the now is the present – and nothing else. This is an enrichment, both for yourself and for partnerships or general human relationships. For example, it might be small aspects of co-existence that you can pay more attention to. Try the following, if you have a partner (otherwise just practise with friends): the next time you see your partner, take a look at them for a moment – consciously appreciate one of the details you have always found great about them (clear eyes, dimples, lip shape, expression, etc.). Or pay attention to qualities that you like, actions that you have appreciated (putting the children to bed, shopping, listening, etc.), and then pause to feel what the present is triggering in you. Then express it: I was pleased that ... I think it's nice that ... I like ... You can also express your feelings: I felt ... about it. Take more notice of the positive things in your life and enjoy them! Doing this keeps you alive – and, on this note, I would suggest: Enjoy your next meal with full mindfulness! What do you discover?

I offer a course for meditation and mindfulness (see offers/registration). You are welcome to register by email to It would be great to have you the


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